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Birds as Omen

Bringing Irish cultural oddities to Berlin through immersive playful events

1 August - 30 November


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Image courtesy Cró

Image courtesy Cró

Birds as Omen: A Coo in Two (2) Acts

Two traditions, both alike in absurdity

In fair Berlin, where we lay our scene

ACT 1: The Rose of Dolgensee

A camp and playful parody on The Rose of Tralee, performed throughout an evening of interactive pageantry. There will be sashes, unusual talents and ‘lovely ladies’.

ACT 2: Fake Wake

An interactive and humorous installation exploring Irish death customs through the medium of storytelling, caoineadh, sandwiches and soup. Mirrors will be covered and clocks will be stopped. A fake wake for wake’s sake.

We are CRÓ, an Irish art collective based in Berlin consisting of Hannah Francesca and Lauren Wilson. CRÓ – a hole, enclosure, eye socket, but colloquially, to come into the cró is to gather somewhere safe and familiar.

Our project aims to engage audiences in innovative and playful ways, using humour and interactivity to reference tradition through the absurd, and encourage exploration of cultural identities through satire. It also seeks to establish ‘hosting’ as performance art. To host is to perform, and we want to explore how far pre-existing traditional events can be altered to create a playful contemporary appropriation. Everything involved is part of the performance: the environment, décor, audience (passive or active), costumes, food. The creative performance is an expression of modern Irish identity, physically referencing tradition yet framed in the contemporary absurdist attitudes that have flourished in recent times, particularly online.


Boddinstraße 60
12053 Berlin

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