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Invisible Light

A pop-up exhibition presented by Centre Culturel Irlandais, with artists Anne Cleary & Denis Connolly

25 September - 4 October


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Invisible Light. Image courtesy the artists

Invisible Light. Image courtesy the artists

Irish artists Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly – aka The School of Looking – are passionate about perception and finding new ways of looking at the universe. This is your chance to visit the historic Hamburg Planetarium, discover its hidden Kesselsaal at the very top (never before open to the public!) and see the artists’ special pop-up installation ‘INVISIBLE LIGHT’.  In the 1660s Isaac Newton discovered a spectrum of colour that makes up visible light, and, over the next three centuries, scientists would slowly discover a wider spectrum of light that they divided into seven zones: gamma rays; x-rays; ultraviolet; the visible spectrum; infrared; microwaves; radio waves. The middle zone – the smallest – is the only one we call ‘visible’, but through x-ray machines, infrared cameras, radio telescopes, geiger counters… machine-eyes have made visible an invisible universe.  Now, with artists’ eyes, Cleary and Connolly reveal the beauty of this invisible light within the striking surroundings of the Kesselsaal! For each zone of the spectrum, they have crafted an individual art piece and will be on site to help you understand this engaging interaction between art and science. Don’t worry, no harmful radiation involved! Book your guided visit with a presentation by the artists in English, or drop in from 1.30 to 3pm on the days indicated. Further details on the Planetarium website.

Created with Crawford Art Gallery and Tyndall National Institute Cork and funded by Science Foundation Ireland, ‘INVISIBLE LIGHT’ is presented by the Centre Culturel Irlandais Paris as part of Zeitgeist Irland 24

Opening times 25/26/27 September and 01/02/04 October, 13:30 – 15:00

Paris based artists, Anne Cleary & Denis Connolly have shown in the Pompidou Centre, the Barbican and the Tate Modern. Their work involves collaborations with scientists, artists and the public, taking many forms but focusing always on the act of looking, a conversation with the eye of the beholder. Since 2017 they have been practicing under the name “The School of Looking” to reflect this overarching programme of their work.


Hamburg Planetrium
Linnering 1
22299 Hamburg