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Symphony of The Nowhere Belly – Prototypes for Cyborgs

Interactive contemporary sculpture and performance

7 June - 8 June


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Image courtesy the artist

Image courtesy the artist

An exhibition in Berlin by acclaimed Irish artist Mark Cullen, and curated by Valeria Ceregini, marks the premiere showcasing of Cullen’s interactive playable sculpture, The Nowhere Belly, within his broader international project, Prototypes for Cyborgs.

Symphony of the Nowhere Belly delves into the essence of embodiment, perception, and engagement through a posthuman lens, utilising sculpture, installation, and digital platforms such as screens and audio interaction. This captivating exhibition project follows Cullen’s previous success with Towards Super-Connection at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce, Genoa, Italy. It will continue its journey across Europe and will be further realised in Italy during Art Week in November as part of Diffusissima, Turin, 2024.

Collaborating with musician Tadhg Kinsella, whose sound design enriches the overarching project, Prototypes for Cyborgs, Cullen promises an immersive experience. Kinsella will join Cullen in performing the work live on the opening night, enhancing the multi-sensory nature of the exhibition. Following the opening performance the work will be playable by audience members for the duration of the show.

Mark Cullen is a celebrated Irish artist renowned for his international practice across various disciplines and media. His work has received numerous awards and grants, reflecting his exploration of posthuman subjectivity and humanity’s evolving relationship with the world.

Valeria Ceregini is an Italian art historian and visual arts curator with over a decade of experience. She is dedicated to supporting artists and creating engaging sociocultural projects, providing enriching exhibition experiences for audiences worldwide.

Tadhg Kinsella is a classically trained percussionist and live electronics musician known for their innovative compositions and performances. They have garnered acclaim for their mastery of hardware and modular synthesis and are the founder of Dublin Modular, a platform dedicated to live electronic music.


Culterim Gallery
Brunnenstraße 107
13355 Berlin

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