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A Postcard From The Homeland

A contemporary perspective on Irish culture through the lens of art and food

9 May - 15 May


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Photo by Enda Burke

Photo by Enda Burke

A Postcard From The Homeland is a landmark exhibition showcasing contemporary Ireland through the lens of art and food. Drawing inspiration from Samuel Beckett’s exploration of intimacy and displacement in ‘First Love,’ artists delve into the theme of cultural identity by focusing on the tangible and emotional souvenirs that shape who we are.

Central to the exhibition is the role of food, deeply ingrained in Ireland’s cultural landscape. Beyond mere sustenance; eating is a way of connecting with one’s roots, family, and community. By combining culinary art with visual culture, the exhibition prompts viewers to reflect on the ways in which food informs their own sense of self.

Through a carefully curated selection of photographs and illustrations, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the building blocks that make up life in modern Ireland. From the iconic Irish pub to the evolution of dating, each exhibit presents playful portrayals of these souvenirs, unravelling the intricacies of Ireland’s cultural fabric.

Curated and commissioned by Jane Gleeson for Guzzle issue two, the exhibition showcases works by artists such as Enda Burke, Daniel Conroy, Stephen Heffernan, and Marina Marinina. Their diverse interpretations contribute to an ongoing conversation about cultural identity, presenting a melting pot of perspectives for visitors to explore.

Enda Burke crafts whimsical sets that act as a canvas for his tongue-in-cheek photographic narratives. With a penchant for nostalgia, vibrant palettes, subtle irony, and all things kitsch, his artistic endeavours have garnered global acclaim, gracing the pages of The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and The Observer, to name a few. His body of work has been shortlisted in the Sony World Photo Awards and the Zurich Portrait Award at the National Gallery of Ireland, and included in the Saatchi Art Visions of the Future NFT and print auction.

Guzzle is an annual print publication that presents stories of creative non-fiction through the lenses of culinary and visual culture. The topic of food acts as a common thread between our contributors and enables them to engage with our readers. Each issue is created in response to a theme with issue one focusing on ‘nostalgia’ and issue two focusing on ‘love’. The themes provide a way for us to curate the publication and any related auxiliary events. From the very beginning, Guzzle has been perceived as a source of connection; connecting writers with readers, chefs and diners.

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