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Sound of Vision

Irish contemporary art with sonic reactions

16 May - 19 May


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Image courtesy the curator Kev Sheridan

Image courtesy the curator Kev Sheridan

Sound of Vision is an immersive art exhibition featuring a collaboration between Kev Sheridan and Irish contemporary visual artists, Eileen O’Sullivan, Orfhlaith Egan, David Hedderman, and Christopher Colm Morrin.

The exhibition displays a collection of visual artworks in an open gallery space, each accompanied by a unique aural response created by Kev Sheridan. Visitors can appreciate the sonic responses of each piece up close and/or experience the collective soundscape of the exhibition from a distance. The musical reactions, played through speakers located at each piece, create an immersive sensory experience which fills the space with an audible representation of the themes presented, heightening the artistic expression of both mediums.

Sound of Vision aims to create a symbiotic dialogue between auditory and visual art forms to produce a memorable, interactive experience. The visitor’s position in the room alters the sensory experience in a way that can be enjoyed with fellow attendees, creating a collective experience in an ever increasingly singular world.

Kev Sheridan is an Irish multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer based in Berlin. His recent work includes a commission from contemporary art gallery, Hang Tough Contemporary.

Sheridan is an established artist in the Berlin electronic music scene – both as a producer and live performer  – having released music on the revered record label Maeve, among others. From gossamer ambient soundscapes through pulsating, heavy-hitting house, his releases deftly cut across a variegated electronic landscape. Recent releases include a trilogy of well-received collaborations with Mano Le Tough, under their Mano & Kev moniker.


The Ballery
Nollendorfstraße 11
10777 Berlin

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