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CTM Festival 2024

CTM Festival turns 25 and includes an Irish focus spanning 'pholk' idioms to uncompromising club sounds.

26 January - 4 February


ALYXIS in concert. Photo by Abigail Denniston

ALYXIS in concert. Photo by Abigail Denniston

CTM Festival for Adventurous Music and Art will celebrate its 25th anniversary edition from January 26 to February 4, 2024. Under the theme Sustain, CTM Festival presents the current state of adventurous music, from pulsating dancefloor to shared moments of artistic intimacy. A notable spotlight on artists from Ireland shines throughout this edition, from psychedelic folk explorations to a club night focused on underground music, plus talks within the festival’s daytime programme.

The festival presents Moundabout and One Leg One Eye in two concerts that will dive deep into Irish idioms and folklore as the artists seek inspiration in creating dark and sometimes mournful walls of sound. Ireland’s voices in club culture will be represented at the venues Berghain and OXI. GASH Collective, a source of innovation on the more uncompromising strands of Irish underground music, focuses on supporting female, trans, queer, non-binary, and other underrepresented people in music production through parties, workshops and other collaborations. A club night presented together with transmediale shines light on some of the initiative’s key figures, Baptist Goth, Americhord, ALYXIS, DJ sets from the collective’s co-founders ELLLL and Lolz, and a closing b2b with Eliza and Maeve O’Neill. Appearances by Or:la, Julia Louise Knifefist, and Shampain will round out the club programme. Additional performances and talks will be announced soon.

CTM Festival connects multi-perspective experiences, critical reflection, hedonism, and collaborative learning through an annual festival and continuous collaborative projects, publications, commissions, concerts, club nights, and more. For 25 years, CTM has been highlighting new strains of pop and fringe cultures that venture through the weird, the challenging, the cathartic, the esoteric, the contagious, and the ecstatic, simultaneously exploring sonic histories, contexts, and political and technological entanglements. Though international in its approach, CTM remains deeply rooted in and committed to Berlin’s DIY and club scenes, from which it emerged in 1999.

CTM is an independent, non-profit initiative built, from the very start, on constant collaboration. Through a multi-perspective approach, they aim to respond to the diversity of an increasingly polycentric, polychromatic, and hybrid (music) world, always with empathy, openness, and a desire to counter global asymmetries. Through annual themes, the festival experiments with formats, locations, technologies and ways of listening, creating multiple entry points from which to engage with sounds and their contexts. Each year the 10-day festival combines concerts and club nights with exhibitions, installations, special projects, and a daytime programme of talks and workshops.


Am Wriezener Bahnhof
10243 Berlin

Wiesenweg 1-4
10365 Berlin

Holzmarktstr. 33
10243 Berlin

silent green Kulturquartier
Gerichtstraße 35
13347 Berlin

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